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Traveling is doubtlessly one of the greatest pleasures of modern times. It alone can enable us to discover new places, marvel at unparalleled wonders, live experiences worthy to be remembered. This is why Deluxuring makes each voyage unique, adapting it to every single client, just like a tailor sews custom made clothes.

Deluxuring’s goal is to meet the requirements of particularly refined and sophisticated clients, who seek a trip, which may allow them to fully enjoy all of the entertainment in their destination at the best market rates

It does not matter whether you wish to relax at a spa, to stay at one of the most luxurious hotels worldwide, to drive along foreign roads at the wheel of a Bentley, to sail across the sea aboard a yacht or to reach new horizons on a helicopter or a private jet: whatever your choices, we are ready to design your voyage for you. Evaluate our offers, consult with our staff and you will find superior class solutions, prestigious and enchanting vacations.

Our inherent passion for luxury is at your disposal to tailor your ideal voyage, taking into account every single detail, accurately engineering the best timetables, routes and travel modes for you. Nothing is left to chance when the goal is translating your dreams into reality.

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Deluxuring Card

Becoming members of Deluxuring means passing the limits of luxury in order to obtain the Exclusive.

Ask for your personalised Deluxuring membership Card and gain access to an innovative and complete Digital Concierge service.

• Customer Relationship Management
• Complete insurance package
• Free room upgrade
• Welcome champagne bottle
• Information pf the main attractions/activities in the city
• Real-time travel updates
• Direct contact through a dedicated call-center
• Additional contents and services

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