Thanks to its consolidate experience in the medical world, Deluxuring offers a range of packs and experiences related to health and wellness, whilst providing clients with luxurious pleasures and comforts.

For those who are in need of specialised or generic medical checks, Deluxuring can book such appointments in private centres with the highest quality standards and, at the same time, organise a relaxing vacation for the patient herself and whomever may wish to accompany her.

Furthermore, Deluxuring can organise tours wholly dedicated to wellness in Tuscany or in Sicily, the perfect regions for those who wish to temporarily withdraw themselves from the relentless rhythms of their daily routines and finally enjoy some relax.

For the elderly or those who are afflicted by particular long-term ailments and wish to spend longer periods in high-standards facilities which can take good care of them and grant them a comfortable lifestyle, ad hoc luxury treatments pack have been conceived. Such packs grant long-term stays in special senior homes in Sicily.

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