What is Relocation?

Relocation is the set of services aimed at facilitating the transfer of a person and his family to a foreign country, usually for professional reasons. Relocation services are mainly aimed at Expats, a definition by which we mean a professional transferred outside his country of residence for a period of no less than one year: it is precisely expatriates who have the greatest need for support in the process of transfer and integration in the new reality, not having the linguistic and cultural skills to better manage all aspects associated with a change of such importance. Deluxuring provides a comprehensive support and assistance service for people and families moving to a new city, in Italy or in the UK, and helps expatriates to better fit into the new context of life. 

Our Relocation Services

Deluxuring offers its customers a wide range of services in the field of Relocation.

Below is a selection of our main activities:

  • Identification of areas of the city for relocation, according to the needs of the employee;
  • Inspections in selected residences;
  • Negotiation of the lease and support until signature;
  • Organization of the relocation, support for the delivery of furniture;
  • Assistance in finding domestic workers and babysitters;
  • Assisting in the development of files and documents for residence applications;
  • Selection of schools and support for applications;
  • Connection to churches, temples and religious organizations;
  • Presentation of social and sports clubs;
  • Presentation of social networks and organizations.