Russia: Moscow and Saint Petersbur

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St. Petersburg, a city that symbolises the splendour of the Tsarist era, and Moscow, the majestic capital where the splendour of the ancient court blends with the majesty of the Soviet remains. A part of Europe where you still have the feeling of traveling into the past, of being in a place where silence and beauty wrap in a calm and exciting embrace. Deluxuring proposes an innovative tour of the two cities that are symbols of Russia. In addition to visiting the most important monuments and museums, Deluxuring offers the opportunity to try exclusive experiences including:   Instagram Sensation (Moscow or St. Petersburg): The tour includes a visit to the most beautiful locations in the city. With the help of the most famous Russian influencers and photographers, you can take spectacular photos and embellish your Instagram profile with unforgettable shots.     Underground Tour (Moscow): Visit the Moscow metro, full of charm and secrets. Defined by many as the most beautiful metro in the world, today it carries about 9 million passengers a day in 172 stations. The real attraction for visitors are the extravagant decorations of the Soviet period, which have turned each station into a real and make the Moscow metro a historical memory of the Soviet Union.     Bunker Taganski - Cold War Museum (Moscow): visit of Bunker Taganski, also called Bunker 42. Built in the Cold War years, the bunker was for decades the nerve center of Soviet defense against a possible American nuclear attack. Today the bunker houses the Cold War Museum, which gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the period.   Canal & River Tour (St. Petersburg): deluxe guided cruise through the most fascinating canals of the city. From the boat you can admire up close the historic bridges and sumptuous palaces of the ancient capital of the Russian Empire.

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