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Egypt is the "land of sun" par excellence, a country with a history that is lost in the dawn of time, which has fascinated travelers of all ages. Egypt was the cradle of Egyptian civilization, one of the oldest, most complex and fascinating in the world. Tangible signs of this greatness are the pyramids, the sphinx, the ruins of the pharaonic era of cities such as Cairo and Luxor and the countless finds and stories that have come down to the present day. The fulcrum of the country's development was Nile, a river that in ancient times gave its name to the country: "black earth", alluding to silt, a fertile soil deposited by the waters of the river. The Nile is one of the best ways to visit Egypt, along its course, on one of the many cruise ships. The Valley of the Kings, the temple of Luxor, the Great Dam of Aswan and the Temple of Edfu, dedicated to Horus, are thus paraded before the eyes of tourists. A stop in Cairo is a must for a visit to the Egyptian Museum and the monumental complex of Giza with the Pyramid of Cheops and the enigmatic Sphinx.

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