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The Seychelles are regarded among the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean and perhaps amongst the most fascinating worldwide. They are the tropical paradise which everyone dream of due to their fine beaches and turquoise waters, bounded by green hills and imposing granite rocks.  They are coveted for a romantic and "detox" stay thanks to their climate, their beaches, the sea and a relaxing atmosphere which one breathes the moment a foot is set upon their land.  The internal islands are enrichened by granite rocks which are clearly visible in the forests, in the sea and in the white beaches themselves. The external islands are coralline and fate, characterised by the whiteness of their palm-rich beaches the blueness of their sea. The vegetation and nature are protagonists on the Seychelles islands together with the infinite variety of birds and their famous and colourful coral reef.  With Deluxuring you will discover not only activities linked with marine life, but you will also be able to wander in the magnificent natural landscapes which dominates these islands.

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