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A fascinating historical hamlet named Portus Delphini and its bay, set into a green promontory seems to be impervious to time. Even though the old workshops have gradually been substituted by important fashion firms, the houses which look upon the docks and the sinuous streets still have the colours and the shapes of the past, with each storey decorated with originale polychromous decorations. Its unique sights, the crystal-clear water and the uncontaminated nature make it one of the most beautiful and well-known towns worldwide.  This pearl of the mar Ligure is today a coveted destination for élite tourism. The streets are brimming with exclusive boutiques, renown art galleries and famous restaurants. In your 5* stay, Deluxuring, proposes a luxury cruise aboard an exclusive yacht with high-standard services, as to enable you to experience an unforgettable day while sailing upon the seas like a yachtsman of the old days.

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